Is YouTube desktop app good?

What’s the point of YouTube desktop app?

The desktop app allows for playback without having to visit YouTube Music’s website, and brings the service into line with Google’s biggest competitors in the space like Spotify and Apple Music. Google also announced that the desktop app is available in the form of an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge too.

Does YouTube have an official desktop app?

Hit Download and open up YouTube Desktop App on your Windows platform Desktop or Laptop.

Which YouTube app is best for PC?

Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

  • myTube.
  • Pro Tube.
  • Awesome Tube.
  • Perfect Tube.
  • Tubecast for YouTube.

Is it better to use YouTube app?

Bottom line: YouTube is the best streaming video app

YouTube is an app everyone can find a use for, and it’s a much better experience than the video service’s mobile website.

Can I download YouTube on my PC?

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third-party service, install software, or get a YouTube subscription service to download a YouTube video. … To download YouTube videos to your smartphone or tablet, see: How to download YouTube video on a smartphone or tablet.

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Is there an official YouTube app for Windows 10?

An official YouTube app for Windows 10 appears to have shown up in the Microsoft Store. … The app is a UWP app and does not appear to be a wayward version of the Xbox app, and according to ALumia is not a Progressive Web App.

Can I install YouTube on my laptop?

There is one big caveat though: you can only do it using the official YouTube or YouTube Gaming apps, which means you can’t use Premium to download videos to your computer – only to a phone or tablet. To download simply open the app and head to the video you want to download.

Is there a YouTube app for Microsoft?

Unlike Netflix, there is no official Youtube app for Windows 10 or Windows 11. Google was never interested in developing an app for Microsoft Store. Watching Youtube videos inside a UWP app has several advantages over watching inside a browser.

Why is there no YouTube app for PC?

To compensate the lack of important apps including YouTube, Microsoft itself is offering similar services on Windows devices. … And if that isn’t enough, third-party clients too, are making provision of related apps for users.

What is the best YouTube version?

5 Best YouTube App Alternatives for Android Phone

  1. NewPipe. Price: Free. This Freeware, open source app is basically a lighter version of the YouTube app that doesn’t require any Google Play services to run smoothly. …
  2. OGYouTube. Price: Free. …
  3. YouTube GO. Price: Free. …
  4. FlyTube APK. Price: Free. …
  5. iTube. Price: Free.
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Which YouTube app is best?

Best YouTube App Alternatives

  • YouTube Go. If your smartphone is lagging in rendering the YouTube videos smoothly, then you need the YouTube Go app. …
  • FlyTube. FlyTube is quite a useful option to surf YouTube Videos on devices that do not support Google Play services. …
  • ProTube. …
  • YouTube Vanced. …
  • NewPipe.

Why YouTube is the most useful app?

You can create effective videos of lectures, demonstrations, and more quickly and easily with minimal video equipment. With many students using smart phones, video is a great platform to reach them. YouTube is highly optimized for mobile devices and the majority of students are already using it.