Is there such thing as a YouTube party?

YouTube Party is a Chrome extension for watching YouTube videos synchronized with friends. By synchronizing your YouTube playback experience across your watch party, YouTube Party offers a new way to experience watching your favorite videos with your friends and family around the world!

How do you use YouTube party?

The steps are simple: * You and friends install the extension. * Press the extension’s icon on the top right of your browser. * Start a session. * Give your friends the generated YouTube link.

Can you do watch parties on YouTube?

After downloading the app for your iPhone or Android device, set up your profile and add all your friends you want to video chat with — they’ll need to have an Airtime account, too. Then you need to create an Airtime room: Tap Create Room on the main screen, then invite your friends to the room and tap Next.

Is there a YouTube party app?

Uptime makes streaming video a social affair.

Is there a YouTube version of Netflix party?

Netflix Party isn’t the only way to host a virtual watch party. … If you’d rather watch a video on YouTube or Hulu, you can use Metastream, which has a text chat feature like Netflix Party, or you can try TwoSeven, which allows you to watch YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Now while video chatting with your friends.

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Can you do a Facebook watch Party with a YouTube video?

Facebook launched the Watch Party feature globally in 2018. Watch Party allows people to watch videos on Facebook together in sync. This makes watching videos a shared experience. … It works in much the same way as the ways to watch YouTube videos together.

How do I watch someone else’s video on YouTube?

To sync up video playback, all you need to do is: 1) Find a video you want to watch. Create the party using the ‘Start Watching’ button. 2) Send the link provided in the extension to all your friends you want to watch with.

Does watch party work phone?

Amazon-owned Twitch is rolling out its Watch Parties feature, which lets streamers host viewing parties for movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime, to Android and iOS, the company announced Wednesday. … Watch Parties are now rolling out on an Android or iOS device near you.

How can I watch YouTube videos for free?

How to watch YouTube movies for free on a mobile device

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap the search bar and type in “Free Movies.” …
  3. Scroll down to the “Free to Watch” section, located below the “YouTube Movies” heading. …
  4. Scroll through the movies and tap to select the one you want to watch.

How do you watch YouTube while using other apps?

To start PiP playback while a video is playing in the YouTube app, tap the Android home button . The video will shrink into a PiP window. The PiP window can be dragged to different parts of the screen, allowing playback to continue on top of other apps. To resume playback in the YouTube app, double-tap the PiP.

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What apps have watch party?

All the streaming services and apps that let you host virtual watch parties

  • Watch party feature and app comparison.
  • Amazon Prime Video Watch Party.
  • Hulu Watch Party.
  • Disney Plus GroupWatch.
  • Sling TV Watch Party.
  • Facebook Messenger Watch Together.
  • Teleparty.
  • Scener.

Can you chat with someone on YouTube?

YouTube’s in-app messaging feature is a simpler way to share YouTube videos with your friends. You can also create a chat group with up to 30 members. … The in-app messaging facility, for both Android and iOS users, also allows you to reply with another video.

How do you turn on slow mode on YouTube?

Slow mode

  1. Create a live stream. After entering title and description, click Create Stream.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Live Chat.
  4. Toggle on Slow mode.

How can I do a watch party?

Go into the show or movie you want to watch. There’s an icon right next to the play button that looks like three people with a play arrow on the top. That’s the Watch Party button. Click it, then click “Start the party.” That will take you to a screen with a link for your viewing session.