How do you see what you’ve liked on Instagram on the computer?

You can open your profile page > Hamburger menu at the top right corner > Settings > Account > Posts You’ve Liked and that’s it, you can find all your liked posts right up there.

How do I check my activity on Instagram on the computer?

If you want to view anyone’s Instagram profile from your computer, simply go to “” (, for instance) and you’ll be taken directly to their profile. You can then navigate through their content just like you would on your mobile device.

How do I see recently viewed on Instagram?

Tap the “Ad Activity” listing. You will now see a list of all the sponsored content that you’ve interacted with. At the top, you’ll see the Instagram Stories that you’ve recently clicked. You can scroll below to view all the Instagram post ads.

How do you see people’s activity on Instagram 2020?

The posts that a user publishes are easy to find on Instagram: simply go to their profile and scroll down. You can see who liked their posts, but you can’t see any of their activity on posts that other users have published.

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How do I hide my likes on Instagram on the computer?

Tap the hamburger menu on the top right. Select Settings from the pop-up menu. Select Privacy then tap Posts. Tap the slider next to Hide Like and View Counts to activate the feature.

What is login activity on Instagram?

When the Login activity screen opens, Instagram will show you the list of locations from which you logged into your account. The top entry on the list is your phone, which will have the Active now tag.

How do you see what you liked on Instagram safari?

Open Instagram and head to your profile page. In the top right corner, tap the Settings icon. Next, tap Posts That You’ve Liked. This will bring up the 300 photos you liked most recently.

Is there a desktop app for Instagram?

The Instagram for Windows desktop app works the same as the web version. You can’t post photos or videos, but you can view posts, like and comment, and follow and unfollow users. … A Microsoft account is needed to download Instagram for Windows.

How do I find my liked videos on Google?

Here’s how to see videos you’ve liked:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. In the menu on the left, select Liked videos .