How do you pin a tweet that’s not mine?

To add Instagram filters to existing photos, you need to open the camera on Instagram. Then, swipe up, select an existing photo in your camera roll, tap on the smiley face icon, and select a filter. Once you’ve selected a filter, it’ll be applied to your photo.

How do you unpin someone else’s tweet?

Step 1: Open the Twitter app. Step 2: Press the three vertical lines at the top and then tap “Profile.” Step 3: Click the three horizontal dots (if you’re on iPhone) or three vertical dots (if you’re on Android) at the top of the pinned tweet. Step 5: In the confirmation pop-up, tap “Unpin.”

How do you unpin someone else’s tweet on iPhone?

How to unpin a tweet in Twitter on iPhone

  1. Go to your Twitter profile.
  2. Tap the more icon at the top right of your pinned tweet.
  3. Tap Unpin from profile and select Unpin.

What does it mean to pin a tweet?

For those who don’t know, a pin tweet is a tweet which users attach to the top of the tweet stream. It’s the first tweet people see when they visit your profile and it’s also the tweet that gets the most attention. You can pin any of your tweets for which you want to get more attention.

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Does pinning a tweet delete it?

Unpinning a Pinned Tweet from Your Profile

Confirm the removal with “Unpin,” and the tweet will be removed from the top of your profile. Tip: Deleting the tweet will also unpin it if that wasn’t obvious. Below, you can see a profile with a pinned tweet (left) and after removing it (right).

What does pinning someone mean?

to bind or hold to a course of action, a promise, etc. to force (someone) to deal with a situation or to come to a decision: We tried to pin him down for a definite answer, but he was too evasive for us.

Can u pin a tweet?

Pinning a Tweet on a Smartphone App (Android & iPhone)

Go to the tweet you seek to pin. Click on the triangular symbol on the top-right corner of your profile page. Select the option ‘pin to my profile page’. You’ve successfully pinned a tweet from your smartphone app.

How do you tweet under a topic?

To view a trending topic, click it in the trends section of your Twitter window.

  1. Select “Compose new Tweet” from your Twitter home page. This expands the text box where you type your tweets.
  2. Type the trend into your tweet. …
  3. Finish the tweet by typing your comment and press “Tweet” to post it.

How do you reply to a tweet from a different tweet?

This is a direct response to a tweet another user has made.

  1. Find the Tweet you want to reply to.
  2. Hover over the bottom left hand corner of the tweet.
  3. Click or tap the reply icon.
  4. A compose box will pop up, type in your message and click or tap Reply to post it.
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Why did my pinned tweet disappeared?

Pinned tweets are not reposted. They are simply bumped up in the queue on your profile, and “stuck” to the top. This means that they will not reappear in anyone’s timeline, as if you just sent them.

Why would you use the pin tweet feature on twitter?

“Pinning” a tweet means that whenever someone visits your Twitter profile, the first tweet they will see in your timeline is the one you chose to pin—regardless of when it was published. What this means is that this tweet will get a lot more exposure (and a lot more traffic) than regular tweets.

Can you have 2 pinned tweets?

People use pinned tweets for lots of things. For the most part, people reserve that spot for their most viral tweets or maybe a tweet that contains something important to them. The problem with pinned tweets is that you can have only one at a time.