How do you hide your group history on Facebook?

Who can see my group activity on Facebook?

Anyone can see an open group and everything that is posted in it, even if they are not a member of the group. In fact, as stated on Facebook’s “Groups Privacy” page, even people who aren’t logged into Facebook will be able to see them.

How do you delete group activity on Facebook?

On your profile, click below your name and select Activity Log. Next to Activity Log in the top left, click Filter. Scroll down and select Membership Activity then click Save Changes. In the left menu, scroll to the group you want to delete your content from, then click and select Delete Your Activity.

Can people see your activity in a private group?

If you post in a Private group, then only the other members of the group will be able to see your posts. You can only hide secret groups from your friends i.e. these are groups which are not accessible to anyone who is not in them. Visibility of groups depends on their privacy settings.

Can people see your activity in private Facebook groups?

When a group is closed, only those invited to the Group can see the content and information shared within it. … Others will still be able to see that the group exists, but they won’t be able to see its members or any posts or information within the closed Group unless they are invited.

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How do I hide recent activity on Facebook?

To hide recent activity from your wall, hover over the type of activity you want to hide (i.e. a new friendship), and click the “X” that appears. Then select “Hide all ______ activity.” Repeat the process for Likes, comments, friending, Wall posts, and relationship activity.

Are Facebook private groups really private?

Anyone on Facebook can see who belongs to public groups and content that is shared in those groups. For private groups, only members can see who belongs and what they have posted. By default, groups that had been secret will now be private and hidden, and groups that were closed will now be private and visible.

Will my friends be notified if I join a private group?

When you join a Close or Secret group, your friends who have already joined that group will be notified to approve your joining. Read more What are the privacy settings for groups?

How do I hide my group activity?

Select “About” under your cover photo and scroll to the section you would like to hide. To configure your group visibility, for example, scroll to the Groups section. Click the pencil icon at the top right corner of that section and select “Edit Privacy,” and then use the audience selector to limit visibility.