How do you confirm your home area on YouTube TV?

How does YouTube TV determine your location?

YouTube TV uses your internet connection to find your location and offer you the correct local content. … You’ll be asked—either by your web browser or mobile device—to allow YouTube TV to identify your location.

Why does YouTube TV say outside your home area?

Upon opening up the app, an ‘Outside your home area’ message pops up which prevents users from proceeding any further. This error message usually shows up when a change in the location is detected and is actually meant to be a safety measure to prevent hackers from remotely accessing your Google account.

How does YouTube TV define home area?

As YouTube TV operates on a Home area basis, this means that subscribers cannot assign two different homes at the same time. Instead, they will need to pick one as the actual Home area and access the service in the second location on an away from home basis.

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Can you have different home areas on YouTube TV?

Device restrictions: YouTube TV allows three streams at a time on any device from anywhere in the U.S.. You must login at home once every three months to retain access, or once every 30 days for MLB games. Local broadcasts: If YouTube TV is available in the place you’re visiting, you’ll receive local broadcasts.

Why can’t I change my location on YouTube TV?

You can only change your home area twice per year. You have to be physically in your new home area to update your home area in YouTube TV. … This check in makes sure YouTube TV can continue to offer you the correct local networks.

Can I share YouTube TV with family in another state?

The family manager sets the home area, and each family member must primarily live in the same household. Family group members need to periodically use YouTube TV in your home location to keep access. … If the family manager can’t change the home location, family group members will need to get an individual membership.

How do I reset my home area on YouTube?

The instructions are the same for the Android device users to make the changes through the YouTube TV app. They just need to open the YouTube TV app, and then go to the profile selection>Select the Settings>Selecting Area>Home Area, and then update the location.

Why do I keep getting a playback error on YouTube TV?

If you received a YouTube playback error while watching a video, it most likely means a browser or internet connection got in the way. Not having a stable internet connection can cause your browser to be laggy, affecting how YouTube works.

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Why are all my channels locked on YouTube TV?

They vary based on your current or home location, the content you’re trying to watch, which platform or device you’re watching on, and possibly other restrictions made by our partners. Affected programs will be unavailable in YouTube TV. If a restriction is in effect in your location, we’ll do our best to let you know.

How do I access my YouTube TV account?

To sign in:

  1. Open the YouTube TV app on your TV.
  2. On a computer or mobile device, go to
  3. Enter the activation code displayed on your TV at
  4. Select the account associated with your YouTube TV Base Plan.
  5. Click Allow. You can now start watching on your TV.

How can I watch local channels on YouTube?

Simply scroll down on the page a little and input the ZIP code for the area the subscription will be based in. YouTube TV will then return a dedicated “Locals” section at the top of the results highlighting the exact local channels that are currently available.

Can you stream more than 3 devices on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV lets you stream content on up to three devices at once, and you can share your account with up to five family members. If you add the 4K Plus plan ($19.99 additional per month) to your subscription, you’ll get unlimited streams over your home Wi-Fi.

What are the 70 channels on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV lets you stream live & local sports, news, shows from 70+ channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, TNT, and more.

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What does 3 streams mean on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV watching limits

Currently, the service only offers one plan at $64.99/mo. This gives each user 3 simultaneous streams. That means 3 separate devices can stream live or recorded content at the same time, which may be enough for a small household but a problem for bigger households with varying TV tastes.