How do I view my acquaintances on Facebook Mobile?

You can find the feed on the left side of the page on desktop. On mobile, click “More” in the bottom-right of the app, then scroll down to Feeds and choose Acquaintances. If you don’t see it, click “More” or “Feeds”.

How do I edit my acquaintance list on Facebook?

To add or remove a friend from your acquaintances list:

  1. From your News Feed, tap Search at the top of Facebook.
  2. Enter the name of the person and choose from the results.
  3. Tap Friends.
  4. Tap Edit Friend List.
  5. Tap Acquaintances to add or remove them from your Acquaintances list.
  6. Tap Done in the top left.

How do I view my lists on Facebook Mobile?

If you’ve got the new design, you should be able to view your lists by clicking the arrow under “News Feed” near the upper-right corner of your home page. Click “See All,” then click the name of the list you’d like to view. You’ll see the people on that list under the list name near the upper-right corner.

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Who are your acquaintances on Facebook?

Acquaintances are people you might want to share less with. You can choose to exclude these people when you post something by choosing Friends except Acquaintances in the audience selector. No one will be notified if you add them to this list.

How do I manage my friends list on Facebook Mobile?

How do I add or remove friends from a list on Facebook?

  1. Go to your friend’s profile.
  2. Tap below their profile picture.
  3. Select Edit Friend List.
  4. Tap any lists you want to add the friend to, or tap a list with a next to it to remove them from the list.
  5. Tap Done.

What is the difference between friends and acquaintances on Facebook?

The Close Friends list is for people whose posts you want to see more of, while the Acquaintances list is for people whose posts you want to see less of. By going to an acquaintance’s profile, you can see everything they’ve posted, including the posts that didn’t show up in your feed.

What does my Facebook profile look like to restricted?

Look for empty space at the top of their profile.

This is usually indicative of a gap between private posts and public posts. If you’ve been restricted, you won’t be able to see the private posts, hence the space here.

How can I see my hidden friends on Facebook?

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Find the ID of the hidden friend’s profile.
  3. Also, collect the ID of your mutual friend.
  4. Insert the IDs in the given URL.
  5. You will a list of hidden mutual friends.
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How can I see my close friends list on Facebook Mobile?

To view your Close Friends list:

  1. Scroll down to “Friends” on the left side of your News Feed.
  2. Hover over “Friends” and click “More”
  3. Select “Close Friends” and view your list from here.

Can FB acquaintances see my posts?

Facebook friends added to your Acquaintances list will be able to see your photos, unless you have your privacy settings on those photos set as Custom: Friends except Acquaintances. When you choose the Custom privacy setting, you can selectively share something with specific people, or hide it from specific people.

Can acquaintances see my story on Facebook?

Public: Your Facebook friends, followers and people you’ve chatted with on Messenger will see your stories. … Your Messenger connections will not see your story. Custom: You can select specific people who will be able to see your stories.

What can a restricted friend see on Facebook?

When you add someone to your Restricted list, you’ll still be friends with them on Facebook, but they’ll only be able to see your public information (example: your posts and profile info you choose to make public) and posts you tag them in.

How do I add friends on Facebook 2020 Mobile App?

From your News Feed, click Friend Lists in the left menu. You may need to click See More first. Click + Create List. Enter a name for your list and the names of friends you’d like to add.

How do I create a custom list on Facebook Mobile?

In the menu bar on the left select See More > Friend Lists. Select Create List. Name the list and begin typing the names of friends you want to add to the list. Facebook automatically suggests friends as you begin typing their names. Select Create when you are finished adding friends to the list.

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Who are close friends on Facebook?

Close Friends is a Friends list inside your friends list which separates some friends from all other friends in the list who are under acquaintances or are uncategorized.