How do I block certain words from a Facebook post?

How do you mute a certain word on Facebook?

In order to activate the feature, Facebook users need to go to the upper right-hand menu of a post in their newsfeed. Keywords pulled directly from the post can then be muted in the future by choosing “snooze.”

How do I block keywords on Facebook News Feed?

Click or tap the three dots … in the upper right hand corner of the post. A drop-down menu will appear with the option to choose keywords to snooze for 30 days. Unfortunately, you must actually see a post with the keyword you want to block in your News Feed in order to use Keyword Snooze.

How do I block a topic on Facebook?

How to block topics and publishers in Facebook News

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your feed until you see ‘Choose your Sections’
  2. Tap ‘Update Settings’
  3. Click to toggle any topic on or off.
  4. Scroll down further to see your hidden publications.

Can you block a HashTag on FB?

To use this feature, go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the top right corner. Then go on the gear cog for settings, tap Privacy > Comments and finally tap next to Manual Filter to turn it on. Once you’ve done this you can enter the text you don’t want to see.

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How do I block sensitive content on Facebook?

You can block words by:

  1. Logging into your Facebook Page. You do need to be the admin for your account, so be sure to log in using these details.
  2. Clicking Edit Page followed by Edit Settings.
  3. Selecting Page Moderation and typing the words you want to block.
  4. Clicking on Save Changes.

Does Facebook censor swear words?

While Facebook’s rules do not expressly forbid swearing, and it can be used in posts, comments and messages, there are certain types of speech that are forbidden, and these offenses should be reported to keep your page clean.

How do I filter Facebook comments?

Set-up Facebook to control the commenting audience

  1. Click the dropdown icon visible on the top right side of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Public posts on the left-hand side.
  4. Go to ‘Who Can Follow Me’ and make sure that ‘Public’ is selected.
  5. Click ‘Edit’ next to Public post comments.

How do I block unwanted videos on Facebook?


  1. Go to the drop-down menu at the top right of the page.
  2. Select “Settings & Privacy” > “Settings.”
  3. Look for the “Videos” listing on the left-hand menu. Inside of that option is a toggle where you can turn off autoplaying videos.