How do I approve a group member on Facebook?

Why can I approve members in Facebook group?

If you’re an admin of a private group or a public group that hasn’t transitioned to the new public groups experience, you can choose to turn on membership approval for your group. This means admins or moderators will have to approve membership requests before someone can join the group.

What is membership approval in Facebook group?

Our membership approval settings is set to “Any member can add members, but an admin or a moderator must approve them.” Some members are essentially trying to add all of their friends to our group–many of whom do not live in our neighborhood.

How do I turn on my approval request on Facebook?

To turn on admin approval:

  1. From Chats, open the group conversation.
  2. Tap the name of the group conversation at the top.
  3. Scroll down and tap Member Requests.
  4. Tap next to Require Admin Approval to turn this setting on.

Who can approve new members in Facebook group?


  • Go to your group and tap in the top right of the group’s cover photo.
  • Tap Group Settings.
  • Tap Who can Approve Member Requests.
  • Tap Only admins and moderators.
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How do I automatically approve new members in a Facebook group?

Follow the steps below to set up automated approval in your group:

  1. Click the three dots next to the “Share” tab in your group.
  2. Select “Edit Group Settings” in the drop down menu.
  3. Under the “Membership Approval” section, select “Any member can add or approve members
  4. Click “Save”

How can I see a closed group on Facebook without joining?

There is no way to access a group without a Facebook account. To read a Group, you need: any valid access_token if the group is public (i.e. the group’s privacy setting is OPEN) user_groups permission for a user’s non-public groups.

How as a Facebook group admin can I prevent members adding other members?

Facebook Help Team

  1. Click the three dots icon in the top right of your group and select “Edit Group Settings”
  2. Next to “Membership Approval” select “Any member can add members, but an admin or a moderator must approve them”
  3. Click “Save” at the bottom.

Where are group settings in Facebook?

Tap on the small arrow next to the group name. Step 3: You will see all the features and options related to the group. Tap on Edit group settings. You can customize group name, privacy, type, description, and membership approval from the settings screen.

What is turn on post approval for member?

If you have access to this experimental feature, you will see a new option, “Turn on post approval for member” for you to select – Once you turn on post approval, all posts from that member will need approval by an admin or moderator for the next 30 days.

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Why is nobody seeing my Facebook group posts?

But unless they’re interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there’s a chance Facebook’s algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it. They do this because they want you, as a public Page and presumably a business, to pay for visibility through Facebook Ads.

Why does my Facebook post need to be approved?

A new system flags groups that violate community standards, and makes volunteer moderators approve all posts for two months. … Any group, public or private, the company detects has too many posts that violate its community standards will be forced to have administrators and moderators approve each submission manually.

Are Facebook numbers declining?

Facebook’s daily active users decline for a second quarter in the United States and Canada, caused by user fatigue and growing competition. Despite robust topline numbers, Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings show a significant slow in growth and a second in a row decline for DAUs in its main markets.