Frequent question: Can you track Facebook comments?

It’s impossible to track all comments that happen on other websites. This tracking method supports only the default Facebook comment box (like in the screenshot below). None of other 3rd party comment plugins will be tracked. … They will appear in your Social reports (Acquisition > Social > Plugins) after 24-48 hours.

How can you see someones likes and comments on Facebook?

How to Look Up Someone Else’s Likes on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and type the name of the friend whose likes you want to see in the search box at the top. …
  2. Click “More” and then “Likes” to view content liked by the user. …
  3. Click “More” and choose another option from the drop-down list to see likes in that category.

Can people look up your comments on Facebook?

1 Answer. You can use the Activity Log feature of Facebook to search your comments. Log in to Open your profile and from the top of the page (on top of your cover photo), click View Activity Log.

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Who can see what I commented on Facebook?

You can’t hide a comment on Facebook and make it visible to fewer people than can see the content that it’s commenting on. Your only choices are to delete it or leave it visible to whoever can see the post or photo.

Can someone tell if I look at their Facebook page a lot?

No, Facebook doesn’t tell people that you’ve seen their profile. Third-party apps are also unable to provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this ability, please report the app.

How can I see hidden comments on Facebook?

Steps to unhide a comment

  1. All the hidden comments will still be visible to you under the posts.
  2. Simply find that comment.
  3. Click Unhide.

How can I see all comments on Facebook?

You can view your comments on Facebook in your Activity Log:

  1. On your Timeline, click “View Activity Log”
  2. Click “Comments” on the left side.
  3. You can use the years on the right to help you navigate through your comments.

How can someone like a Facebook post if they are not friends?

To change who can like or comment on your public post: Click at the top-right corner and select Settings Click Public Posts on the left Go to Who Can Follow Me and make sure Public is selected Click Edit next to Public Posts Comments Select who is allowed to like or comment on your public posts: Public: Includes …

How do I make my Facebook comments private?

How Do I Make My Comments Private on Facebook? Unfortunately, you can’t hide your Facebook comments. Only the person who initially shared the post can change the privacy settings of that post. If they decide to hide or delete the post, the same thing will happen to your comment.

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Why am I seeing random peoples Facebook comments?

With the News Feed completely relying on algorithms, it is possible to see some posts on your timeline that might seem pretty random. … Why you’re seeing a certain post in your News Feed — for example, if the post is from a friend you made, a Group you joined, or a Page you followed.

Can friends see my comments on other people’s posts?

Your Facebook Wall

For example, if you comment on a friend’s photo, only mutual friends will see the comment on your wall, but if you comment on a photo on a public page or a friend’s profile that is open to the public, everyone will see the comment on your wall.

Will someone know if I hide their comment on Facebook?

Hiding the Facebook comment will keep it hidden from everyone except that person and their friends. They won’t know that the comment is hidden, so you can avoid potential fallout. Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it.