Are stories better than posts on Instagram?

Instagram Stories are more fleeting and fun. Instagram Stories are only 15 seconds long and disappear 24 hours after they are posted. … Because Instagram stories are more temporary, they’re typically more casual. They’re used as a real-time engagement strategy rather than a perfect, polished Instagram post.

Are Stories or posts better on Instagram?

What they’re good for. Showing a lighter side of your brand: Stories are less polished than posts. That makes them ideal for showing users how fun you can be. This could be anything from taking users behind the scenes at a work event to having fun with some customers or audience members.

What’s the point of Instagram Stories?

‘Instagram Stories’ helps users to capture everything in between and create a bigger, richer story than a series of individual photos can provide. Stories are temporary too – they hang around for 24 hours and then they’re gone, just like that cake you bought.

Are Instagram Stories more effective?

In fact, Instagram found that Stories ads shot on mobile devices outperformed studio shot ads by 63%. That’s because mobile-shot Stories from brands look more like the content regular users post. By blending in with what users expect to see, brands can create a more immersive and less intrusive experience.

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What should you not post on Instagram Stories?

8 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Insta Stories

  • You’re Not Telling an Actual Story. …
  • You’re Posting Too Much of the Same Thing at Once. …
  • Your Concert Coverage Has No Originality. …
  • You’re Not Making the Viewer’s Experience an Interactive One. …
  • You’re Posting Too Much of Your Pets. …
  • Your Face Is in Every. …
  • Your Stories Are Too Dark.

Why is no one viewing my Instagram story?

The most common reason your story views are declining is a previous spike in inauthentic engagement. This means you managed to land on a bot trigger, used an engagement app, purchase engagement (likes or follows), or invested in some weird blackhat software that auto engaged for you.

Why are Instagram stories so popular?

Instagram Stories may be so successful because Stories create the best replication of a social experience. Stories make our brains light up with the recognition of knowing another person. But since we’re engaging in ways that we’re still learning about, marketers should take special care of their audiences.

Do Instagram stories go away?

Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to share photos and videos to their Story — which is visible to followers of the user’s Instagram account. Recently-posted Stories are denoted by a gradient border around the user’s profile picture. Like Snaps in Snapchat, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours.

What is the purpose of on Instagram?

On Instagram, the main intention is to share and find the best photos and videos. Every user profile has follower and following counts, representing how many people they follow and how many other users are following them. If you want to follow someone, go to their user profile and tap Follow.

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When should you post a story on Instagram?

On average, the best time to post on Instagram is between 10 AM and 3 PM CDT. However, the level of engagement you get can change dramatically depending on what day of the week you post. The best days to post on Instagram are Wednesday throughout the day, but particularly around 11 AM, and Friday from 10 AM to 11 AM.

Why companies should use Instagram stories?


  • Improve brand visibility.
  • Interact with your audience and reach more people.
  • Generate leads.
  • Get instant feedback for new products or services.
  • Repurpose your blog content.
  • Increase brand transparency.
  • Use real-time marketing.
  • Run Instagram Story Ads.

Is it weird to post a selfie on Instagram story?

A selfie is only acceptable on a few occasions: if you work in fashion and are showcasing an outfit or specific part of an outfit for work purposes, if you are somewhere awesome and there is no one to take your picture (e.g., a chairlift on Mount Kilimanjaro or jury duty with Oprah).

Why you should avoid Instagram?

Recently, Dovetail Software revealed “16.4 percent of the followers on Instagram’s top 20 accounts were fraudulent.” Meaning, they use bots to go around and like, comment, and share content in order to artificially inflate their numbers and increase their followers. Facebook admitted last year up to 270 million …