Why is there a dislike button on YouTube comments?

Why does YouTube hide dislikes on comments?

The test is in response to creator feedback that the public dislike counts affect their wellbeing and may incite “a targeted campaign of dislikes” on a video, according to YouTube. For now, the dislike button will not be removed and more information on the move can be seen here .

Why is there a dislike button on YouTube?

The dislike button can be used to tune YouTube’s recommendation algorithm to one’s individual tastes. When a user dislikes a video they’re less likely to see recommendations for similar types of videos on their home page.

Are dislikes good on YouTube?

The likes and dislikes on your video indicate your viewer’s feedback to your content. It is a must to try to lessen the number of dislikes. … With over a million dislikes and only 250,000 likes, the video still amassed a staggering 53 million views. Likes and dislikes do more than impact the views of the channel.

Can you see your dislikes on YouTube?

How to find out who has disliked my videos? – YouTube Community. How to find out who has disliked my videos? Ratings (ie likes/dislikes) are anonymous. You can NOT find out who liked or disliked your videos.

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Why does the dislike button exist?

The reason Facebook decided to not make a Dislike button is the same reason why it has expanded the Like button with Reactions: the actions of liking and disliking are both too simple for the vast array of content that’s shared on Facebook every day.

What happens if we dislike YouTube video?

While you like a video, it will be added to your ‘liked videos’ playlist. If you do not like a video, you can give feedback by the means of disliking. It also gives an option to report inappropriate content, you can report the video.

Do dislikes affect YouTube revenue?

Dislikes And Profit

Of course, when YouTube is a source of revenue for you, you will be concerned if getting thumbs down will affect your monetization. The answer is quite similar to the issue of rating – there is no direct way dislikes impact your revenue.

Can you dislike a comment on TikTok?

You can’t ‘dislike‘ a comment on a TikTok video. You either like it (red heart) or ‘unlike’ it (the heart will go from red to white again). The latter action can’t be seen by others.