Why does YouTube keep stopping on my Android?

If YouTube keeps crashing, make sure to uninstall and reinstall it from Play Store. Doing this will make the app gets refreshed, remove the glitches, and make it normal as a result. Here are the steps for it. Firstly, uninstall it by “Settings” > “Apps” > “YouTube” > “Uninstall”.

How do I fix YouTube keeps stopping?

8 Things to do When YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android

  1. Force close the YouTube app. …
  2. Clear the app cache. …
  3. Update/downgrade Android System Web View. …
  4. Reboot your device. …
  5. Install YouTube updates on availability. …
  6. Insufficient storage? …
  7. Check for system update. …
  8. Remove & reinstall the YouTube app.

Why does YouTube keep stopping?

When you stream a video, it’s loaded to your browser’s cache. If an unfinished version of the video you’re trying to load is in your cache, it can stop the video from loading in your browser. You can fix this problem by entering your browser’s settings or options page and clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

Why does my YouTube keep pausing itself Android?

YouTube has a default mechanism when the network is in the problem. They will pause our video because it has not downloaded yet. If this happens to you, you can use another provider or wait for the connection back to normal.

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Why YouTube stops playing after a while?

YouTube generally pauses to check just as a new video is starting to cause the least intrusion, however, it can also just pause your videos partway through instead. … If a video in the background gets paused, however, you’re likely busy doing something else and may not be able to hit play again straight away.

What happens when YouTube stops working?

The reason why videos aren’t playing on YouTube might be due to connection issues. If you see YouTube not working, the first thing you should do is check to see whether or not you’re connected to the internet by opening the settings menu — Wi-Fi or cellular network. If you’re not, you have just found the problem.

Why is YouTube stopping every few seconds?

If YouTube videos stop playing after a few seconds in Google Chrome, try Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. … Clear cookies, cache, history, temp files and disable your firewall to see if the “YouTube videos pause/freeze” problem is still there.

Why does videos keep pausing on my Samsung?

If there are to many things running on the device, that can cause this problem. Also, if your data connection is not stable (if you are using data) or if the WiFi connection isn’t stable (if connecting via WiFi) will also cause this.

Why does my Iphone keep pausing videos?

Restart your iOS device, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. Then open the app to see if it works as expected. Make sure that your device has the latest version of iOS, watchOS, or tvOS. Then check for app updates.

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Why does YouTube keep stopping on my smart TV?

Poor network or faulty Wi-Fi networks also contribute to crash, and the same applies to the Youtube TV app. If the television or smart device is too far from the Wi-Fi router, the speed will be very low, and it can lead to errors. Low internet speed is not what the Company recommends.