Why can’t I see all the comments on an Instagram post desktop?

Why can’t I see all the comments on an Instagram post desktop?

As, the comments which are not visible are from the private profiles. These profile are kept private, so that only their followers can see their activities such as Likes, Followers or their posts. The profiles which are kept public, can be visible to everyone on Instagram so as their comments, photos, etc.

Why can’t I see all the comments on an Instagram post 2020?

If you see the Instagram message that comments on this post have been If you cannot see all the comments on Instagram, or you see the numbers but no comments, can be because the person has already deleted the comments, Instagram is only showing the top comments on posts, and you should tap on the comment bar to see the …

Why are some Instagram comments hidden?

Instagram will automatically hide some comments as part of an attempt to stop bullying. The app will remove specific comments from view if they look like the kind of messages that have been reported in the past. Users will still be able to see the comments, if they click a specific button asking to do so.

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Why does Instagram say I have bad connection?

Why does Instagram say I have bad connection? Instagram says that you have a bad connection either due to a bug, or your internet speed is too slow. If you happen to be using a WiFi, try switching to local data, and vice-versa.

How do I manage comments on Instagram?

Tap View all comments below your post. Tap in the top right, then tap Manage Comments. Select all the comments you want to manage.

Can you hide Instagram comments from certain followers?

Choose the Menu, visible as 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of your mobile screen. Select Settings from the list of options displayed therein. Then, navigate to the Privacy section and scroll down to Comments view. Slide the toggle for Hide Offensive Comments to on position.

Do comments disappear on Instagram?

When I block someone on Instagram, do their likes and comments disappear from my photos and videos? Yes, after you block someone, their likes and comments will be removed from your photos and videos.

Why does Instagram show more comments than there are?

Instagram confirms that this discrepancy may exist and may be due to two possible reasons: 1. User privacy settings. … This will also be the number of comments that can be imported into the giveaway, even if the Instagram counter shows another number.

What happens if you restrict someone on Instagram?

If you restrict someone: They won’t be able to see when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages. Their new comments on your posts will only be visible to that person, and you can choose to see the comment by tapping See Comment.

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