Why can’t I let everyone comment on my TikTok?

By default, only friends can comment on their posts. If they want to allow everyone to comment, not just friends, they have to turn public commenting on manually. By default, content they post can’t be downloaded by others unless they change it to “everyone” in their settings.

Why is TikTok blocking my comments?

If the content that you have posted violates its community guidelines, then it can get blocked and even your account could be suspended.

How do I change who can comment on my Tiktoks?

TikTok: Here’s How to Change Who Can Comment on Your Videos

  1. Step 1: Tap the profile button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Step 3: Tap “Privacy and Safety.”
  4. Step 4: Under the “Safety” section, tap “Who Can Send Me Comments.”

How do you tell if you’re banned from commenting on TikTok?

Accounts that consistently violate community guidelines will be banned from TikTok. If your account has been banned, you will receive a banner notification when you next open the app, informing you of this account change. If you believe your account was banned incorrectly, let us know by submitting an appeal.

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How long do you get banned from commenting on TikTok?

In most cases, a shadow-ban on TikTok lasts for 14 days. In case you have said something wrong in a previous live stream or posted an offensive comment, then TikTok can restrict your account.

Why is TikTok not working 2020?

Many issues like TikTok not loading or opening, network error, freezing or crashing, and video not working can be fixed by generic troubleshooting. This involves clearing the TikTok app cache and data, restarting the device, and reinstalling the app.

Can your TikTok followers see your comments?

By default, your account starts as public, which means any TikTok user can view your videos and post comments, reactions, or duets to engage with the content you’ve created and shared – but you can easily change it to a private account in your Privacy Settings.

Can you get Shadowbanned for commenting on TikTok?

Inappropriate Content. Posting content that goes against the TikTok community guidelines can get you permanently banned or shadowbanned. TikTok considers the following content inappropriate: nudity.

Can I see who reported me on TikTok?

Reporting Accounts on TikTok

The process is anonymous, so the person you reported won’t know who did it.

How do I get my permanently banned TikTok account back 2021?

Part 2: How do I get my permanently banned tiktok account back?

  1. Step 1: Go to “Profile” firstly.
  2. Step 2: Then, head to the “Privacy and Settings” option.
  3. Step 3: Once done, simply tap on “Report a Problem”.
  4. Step 4: Subsequently, click the option saying, “Account Issue”
  5. Step 5: Finally, tap on “Add an Email”.
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