Why are my YouTube recommendations so big?

Why are my recommended Videos on YouTube so big?

Some creators on a popular YouTube subreddit have suggested it’s a mobile-inspired design. YouTube’s mobile app uses bigger thumbnails to make images more visible, which is similar to what’s happening in the redesign. The issue, according to one creator, is that on the desktop, it just makes everything look cluttered.

How do I make YouTube Recommendations smaller?

When you press “Ctrl-minus sign,” your browser shrinks everything on a Web page by a small increment and this is how to make your YouTube screen smaller. Press this key combination repeatedly on a YouTube page until the video is as small as you like it.

How do you fix big thumbnails on YouTube?

You can try some of these however:

  1. Clear cookies. Often, these experiments are cookie-based (with the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie being the main culprit), though yours might be account-based instead.
  2. Use the old design. …
  3. Use a userstyle. …
  4. Use a different browser and/or resize the browser.

Why is the YouTube homepage so big?

Users will see fewer videos on the homepage because of the bigger thumbnails, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed to The Verge. … Allowing videos to have more physical space on the page also gives creators the ability to use longer titles.

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Why are YouTube recommendations so weird?

YouTube’s recommended videos info page explains that the service uses “many signals” to determine what’s recommended. These include your watch history, search history, and channels you’re subscribed to. More general factors, like where you live and the time of day, can also affect recommendations.

What is a good bitrate for YouTube?

Recommended video bitrates for SDR uploads

Type Video Bitrate, Standard Frame Rate (24, 25, 30) Video Bitrate, High Frame Rate (48, 50, 60)
1080p 8 Mbps 12 Mbps
720p 5 Mbps 7.5 Mbps
480p 2.5 Mbps 4 Mbps
360p 1 Mbps 1.5 Mbps

How do I change the recommended size on YouTube?

To change the YouTube video quality:

  1. Go to YouTube and play a video.
  2. Select the Gear icon.
  3. Select the quality (should be the last option)
  4. Select any quality you prefer.

How do you make the thumbnails smaller on YouTube app?

In the YouTube Studio app, tap Menu then Videos. Select the video you want to edit the thumbnail for. Tap Edit . Tap Edit thumbnail.