Where is the Facebook headquarters located?

Where is the Facebook office located?

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HQ: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States (Maps)
Traded as NASDAQ: FB
ISIN NL0009434992
Industry Social media and Advertising
Founded February 4, 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

How many headquarters does Facebook have?

Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA and has 93 office locations across 37 countries.

How many employees does Facebook have in Menlo Park?

But the outcome will be important to the future of Menlo Park. Of Facebook’s 48,000 employees worldwide, roughly 15,000 workers report to the Menlo Park campus.

Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?

Yes, you can contact and speak with a representative at Facebook. The social media network Facebook lets you connect with others around the world in real time via a live chat or through posting messages on member’s walls.

How many employees does Facebook have in 2021?

There were 60,654 full-time employees at Facebook, as of March 31, 2021. Facebook introduced words such as “friending” to the lexicon.

Who owns the majority of Facebook?

#1 Mark Zuckerberg – 29.3% – US $54.3 billion (March 2020)

How does FB make money?

Facebook makes money by auctioning off space for ads within Facebook and Instagram users’ feeds and stories. Advertising represents 98% of Facebook revenue. The remaining 2% comes from other activities, primarily from selling Oculus and Portal hardware products.

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How can I communicate with Facebook?

Another way to attempt to connect with Facebook is to reach out to them through or mention them on another social media platform. You can send a direct message to FB via Twitter or use their @Facebook Twitter account in a Tweet you post. If it gets enough traction, they will likely see it.

How do I send a message to Facebook administration?

Group members are able to message you directly from within your group.

  1. Select the “Members” tab on the left side of the group.
  2. Select the “Admins” tab.
  3. From here, members can view and directly message the admins listed by hovering over their names and clicking “Message.”

How do I email Facebook about a problem?

How to Email Facebook About a Problem

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. …
  2. Click “Help Center.” Type a question pertaining to your problem in the “Enter a Keyword or Question” field.
  3. Browse the results to find an answer to your problem. …
  4. Click the question that best suits your problem.