When should you reply to a comment on Instagram?

Take the opportunity to thank the person, making sure to name them and address them directly. It is advisable to respond within a maximum of 48 hours. If that time has passed, simply “like” that Instagram photo comment.

Should you reply to Instagram comments immediately?

Responding to all comments as quickly as possible help to: improve your chances of ranking as a Top Post, which helps to drive more people to your Instagram page. build social proof to attract new followers and advertisers to your page.

Does responding to comments increase engagement?

Responding to comments is a critical step toward continued engagement and customer loyalty! Instagram is one of the best social media channels for brands looking to interact with followers – its average engagement rate is 17X higher than Facebook posts and 33X higher than a Tweet.

Is it rude to not respond to Instagram comments?

So then why is it OK to ignore people on social media? (Spoiler alert: it’s not!) When you don’t respond to comments on your posts, you’re pretty much doing the same thing as the imbecile that didn’t acknowledge you for opening the door for them. You’re sending the message that you just don’t care enough to respond.

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How do you respond to a comment on Instagram?

How do I reply to someone in a comment thread on Instagram?

  1. Go to the photo or post.
  2. Tap Reply below any comment and add your comment.
  3. Tap Post.

How do you reply to a beautiful comment?

Here are a few ways to respond to a compliment:

  1. “Thank you, it makes my day to hear that.”
  2. “I really put a lot of thought into this, thank you for noticing.”
  3. “Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to express that.”
  4. “Thank you, I am happy to hear you feel that way!”

How do I get my followers to comment?

Here are six creative ways to drive more comments on social media.

  1. Engage in a comment battle. …
  2. Reply to comments quickly. …
  3. Create “fill in the blank” posts. …
  4. Make comments a requirement to enter a contest. …
  5. Ask open-ended questions. …
  6. Know when your followers are most active.

Why is it important to respond to comments?

Responding to reviews, both good and bad, shows customers that you read your page comments and care about what is said. This is crucial in social media management if you hope to retain or increase follower count, engagement, boosts SEO or customer interaction.

Why can I not reply to comments on Instagram?

This error occurs when the Instagram algorithm confuses your message to be spam or possible annoyance to the audience. … You can creatively pass through the Instagram check by: Modifying the words in your message. Avoiding short words or just emoji in your comments.

What should I reply to comments?

5 Rules for Responding to Comments

  • Be genuinely happy to receive comments. Thanking the person for taking the time to comment is a no-brainer—yet it’s often overlooked. …
  • Size matters. …
  • Respond ASAP. …
  • Don’t link in comments. …
  • Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck.
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Is it rude to ignore a DM?

Whether your DM is coming from someone you know or someone you’ve never met, I got you covered when it comes to sending a nice let-down message. Also remember that if you don’t know someone (or even if you do), it’s always OK to ignore an Instagram message.

How can you tell if someone is ignoring you on Instagram?

Instagram adds a status indicator dot so people know when you’re ignoring them. In a blog post today, Instagram announced a new feature: a green status dot that indicates when a user is active on the app.