When did 6ix9ine go live on Instagram?

On Tuesday (May 6th) Tekashi 6ix9ine took to Instagram to reveal to his fans through an Instagram post, that he’ll be hosting an Instagram Live session. The “GUMMO” rapper posted a screenshot of text which read “I’m going live Friday, 3 PM EST”.

Did 69 go live on Instagram?

Tekashi 69 Will Go Live On Instagram For The First Time Since His Release: ‘Don’t Get Scared Now’ Ever since his release from federal custody last month as a precaution against a prison outbreak of coronavirus, Tekashi 69 has teased at his big social media comeback.

How many views did 69 get Live?

Tekashi 69’s Live Got 2 Million Viewers, Breaking Instagram’s Record.

What is the most watched Instagram live?

Acun Ilicali now holds the record for the most-viewed Instagram Live, with a colossal 3 million viewers.

Why is 69 famous?

The 69 (verb: 69-ing) is a sex move, as we all know because we are sophisticated, sex-having adults. But 69, being a two-digit number unavoidable when counting from 68 to 70, also appears in other contexts. … In a sexual context, “nice” has been around for a long time.

Can you buy IG live viewers?

Buy Instagram Live Video Views | From Only $0.99 – Viplikes.

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Who has the most views on Instagram?

Until Lady Gaga took her crown, Kylie Jenner had the world’s record for the most viewed video on Instagram. Kylie Jenner has always been very active on social media and her fans usually go mad because of every little thing she does, so it’s not such a surprise that this video was so successful.

Can you record Instagram live?

There is no built-in screen recorder in most Android phones. Thus, if you want to instagram live record videos on Android, you need to install a screen recorder apk on your Android device. … Then choose the Record button to start recording Instagram live stream on Android.

What is BTS most Vlive?

BTS’s Jungkook now holds the perfect all-kill record on Vlive: the Most-Viewed, Most-Commented, and Most-Liked Real-Time Vlive. Jungkook’s recent VLIVE broke the record of being the MOST Commented Real-time VLIVE of all time with over 31.16M comments.

Who has the most views on Youtube?

Top videos

No. Video name Uploader
1. “Baby Shark Dance” Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories
2. “Despacito” Luis Fonsi
3. “Johny Johny Yes Papa” LooLoo Kids
4. “Shape of You” Ed Sheeran