What is the orange flag on Instagram DM?

To find the conversations you’ve flagged, navigate to your Instagram inbox. Then tap the icon to the right of the search box and select Flagged from the pop-up menu. Flagged messages have an orange triangle in the top-right corner. There are many ways to manage the messages in your Instagram inbox.

What does the flag on Instagram DM mean?

What Does It Mean To Flag Someone On Instagram? Flag as stated earlier came as a replacement for stars and performs the same function of starts wherein when you flag someone’s Dm you have marked their messages for future revisit or if you consider one chat as important you flag their chat.

How do you filter DMs on Instagram?

The message requests filter can be toggled on or off in a new section of the app called “hidden words.” When it’s on, offensive messages will be pushed to a separate folder. DMs in this folder are concealed, allowing users to browse messages without needing to read what they say.

Can you see who flagged you on Instagram?

Learn how to report a comment or how to report a message. Keep in mind that your report is anonymous, except if you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement. The account you reported won’t see who reported them.

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What is a flagged message?

Flagged email messages help you better manage your mail. Flagged messages create to-‐do items either for you alone or for you and the recipients of the email message. For example, you can flag an email message that requests information that you need by a certain date.

Why is my Instagram message blue?

When you receive new disappearing messages, they‘ll be highlighted blue in your inbox. Tap to view them and you can replay them once. The sender will be notified if you replay or screenshot the message. Texts, uploads and reshares still work the same way.

Why is my Instagram DM purple?

Instagram messages officially have a new ~lewk. ~ … The grey and white messages all of us have come to know and love have officially changed to blue and purple, and it’s all because of the app’s latest software update, called February Version 128.0, according to HITC.

Can you Unsee a message on Instagram?

Step 1) Open your inbox, and tap on the selecting icon on the top right corner of the screen. Step 2) Select the conversations you want to mark as unread. Then, tap on More. Step 3) Finally, tap on “Mark as Unread”.

How do I move all my DMs to general?

How to Get Primary and General DMs on Instagram?

  1. Tap and hold the conversation you want to move to the general or primary inbox.
  2. Tap on “Move to General” if it is in the primary inbox and in the other case, tap on “Move to Primary”.
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