What does it mean when someone pins a comment on Instagram?

Pinned comments are comments that appear at the top of a post or in the comment summary that appears in the feed. When someone posts someone else’s comment, authors are notified that their comments have been highlighted in the post. This option to pin comments is a kind of help to manage comments.

What does it mean when someone pins your comment?

When you pin a comment, it’ll stay at the top of the comments thread, intending to make it easier for you to monitor the tone and content of your comments section. But before you start pinning comments willy nilly, be aware that users will get a notification when their comment is pinned.

When you pin a comment on Instagram Does the person know?

You can pin up to three comments. After you pin each one, it’ll be at the top of the comments section, meaning they’ll hopefully influence the conversation or provide context to the image. The person whose comment you pinned will receive a notification letting them know you did it. And that’s it!

Is a pinned comment Good?

Pinning comments is an extremely quick, very easy tactic for busy creators. It also allows that [pinned] comment to have the best positioning in the [comments section] because sometimes, even when you reply, it shows up at the top, it’s all over the place… this just guarantees exposure for the comment .

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Who can pin comments on Instagram?

You can pin up to three of your favorite comments on each of your Instagram posts. If you’re trying to inject some positivity into your Instagram posts, the new Pinned Comments feature could help.

What does it mean when someone pins your comment on TikTok?

Posting on TikTok is all about exposing viewers to what you want them to see, and this same concept can be applied to comments. Pinning a comment that made you laugh the most, or that simply made you feel good, will give viewers more insight into who you are as a creator.

Can you still pin comments on Instagram?

To pin a comment, just swipe left to reveal the options for reporting, deleting, and replying. Now, on the far left of those three options, you should see a pushpin icon. Today we’re rolling out pinned comments everywhere.

Do people get notified when you unpin comment?

You can pin and unpin a comment as many times as you want. But you should know that each user receives a notification when their comment is pinned (not when their comment is unpinned.)

Why can’t I pin my own comment?

Unlike YouTube, you cannot pin your own comment on an Instagram post made by you. Instagram only allows you to pin other people’s comments so that they always stay at the top of the comment thread on your posts. … There are a lot of Instagram users and influencers who like to follow up on a post with a comment.

What does pinned mean in slang?

pin something on someone, Informal. to ascribe the blame or guilt for something to a person; show someone to be culpable: They pinned the crime on him.

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