Question: How many slides should an Instagram story be?

Do some testing to see how many Instagram story slides are a good number for your content and audience. In general, the shorter the content to consume, the higher the completion rate. Try sharing 3–5 slides in a story series to see what resonates.

How many slides can you have on Instagram story?

The introduction of Instagram slideshows means that you can post up to 10 images or videos at once. Finally! Your profile will stop getting clogged up with similar images in a row, and a little icon will show if a post contains multiple images.

How many Instagram Stories is too many?

You can certainly post less than three, but in almost any case anything more than three is too much. For the uninitiated: Nearly two years ago Instagram launched Stories, a new feature that let users post photos and videos to their profile that expire after 24 hours.

How many IG Stories should you post?

Most people should be posting at least 10 times per day on their Instagram Story. Some people can post a little bit more, up to 20 times. But for most, if you post too much, your audience won’t watch all the way through.

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Can I post a 3 minute video on Instagram story?

Users can post videos between 3 seconds and one minute to their Instagram feed. Instagram Stories (the more permanent videos that appear on your profile) can last for 15 seconds. Live Videos and “IGTV” videos can last up to 60 minutes. Reels can be last for either 15 or 30 seconds.

Can you post a 2 minute video on Instagram story?

If you’re posting a video to the Instagram feed (aka your main Instagram profile), videos are limited to 1 minute or 60 seconds. You can upload a video that’s longer than 1 minute, but you’ll need to select a 1-minute section of the video.

How do I add slides to my Instagram stories?

Method 1.

Step 1 Launch Instagram and click the “+” sign to go to the photo window. Step 2 Choose “Select Multiple” and start selecting photos and videos. Step 3 Now, add filters, adjust orders, add captions, locations to the photos according to your needs. Step 4 Click the Confirm button to post your slideshow.

How do you post a 30 second reel on Instagram?

How to share longer reels on your Instagram Story

  1. Install the “Instagram Media Saver” shortcut. …
  2. Go to “Reels” and open the reel you want to post as a story. …
  3. Tap the ellipsis button (3-dot icon) at the bottom-right corner.
  4. Tap “Share to…” and select “Instagram Media Saver” from the Share sheet.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your story on Instagram?

Instagram will only notify you that someone has taken a screenshot when they screenshot a picture or video that you sent them via the Instagram direct message feature. If you post a picture to your story and someone screenshots you will never know.

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What is the best time to post Instagram stories?

The best days to post on Instagram are Saturday and Sunday – with the highest average engagement occurring for posts published on Sunday at 6AM.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram Each Day

  • Monday: 5AM.
  • Tuesday: 6AM.
  • Wednesday: 6AM.
  • Thursday: 5AM.
  • Friday: 6AM.
  • Saturday: 6AM.
  • Sunday: 6AM.