Is YouTube official in Pakistan?

As of January 18, 2016, the ban has been officially lifted, as YouTube has launched a local version of the site for Pakistan.

Is YouTube registered in Pakistan?

YouTube was blocked in Pakistan following a decision taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on 22 February 2008 because of the number of “non-Islamic objectionable videos.” One report specifically named Fitna, a controversial Dutch film, as the basis for the block.

Who is the No 1 Youtuber in Pakistan?

1. Irfan Junejo. Irfan Junejo needs no introduction when it comes to being a celebrated top Pakistani Youtuber in Pakistan. Junejo first joined the social media platform as an influencer in 2010 and now has over a million subscribers and on average a total of 9.41 million views on his YouTube channel.

Is there any YouTube office in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, it does not come to Pakistan, neither YouTube Office nor YouTube space is to be found anywhere. A vast number of YouTube accounts are from Pakistan, but due to the nonexistence of YouTube offices in the country, the users face a number of problems that takes the company forever to address.

What’s wrong with YouTube in Pakistan?

Islamabad: PTA has directed all concerned operators to shut down website in view of growing sacrilegious contents on it. PTA has so far blocked more than 450 links on internet containing derogatory material. …

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Is VPN legal in Pakistan?

It is legal to use a VPN in Pakistan, but the government requires all VPN services to be registered. Unregistered VPNs are blocked. Registered VPNs are a security threat because they may leak your browsing activity to the government.

Is Tor legal in Pakistan?

Several users have reported throttling of VPN services in Pakistan recently, including inability to access Tor Browser — a software that allows users to browse the Web anonymously. However, the PTA said Tor was not blocked by the PTA and the authority would begin banning services after the June 30 deadline.

Who is No 1 YouTuber in world?

1.) PewDiePie

Now, he is the most subscribed Youtuber in the world.

Who is the #1 YouTuber?

Most-subscribed channels

Rank Channel Subscribers (millions)
1 T-Series 192
2 Cocomelon 118
3 SET India 114
4 PewDiePie 110