How do you highlight categories on Instagram?

Tap on the Highlight icon at the bottom. In the Add to Highlights pop-up, tap New. Enter a name for the highlight and edit the cover if you want. Finally, tap Add, and then Done.

How do you add highlights in Instagram?

Step 1: Open Instagram account on your device. Step 2: Next tap on the active story to view it. Step 3: You need to tap the bottom option Highlight. Step 4: Tap the plus icon to create New Highlight.

How does highlight work on Instagram?

Instagram Highlights are essentially the Instagram stories you choose to feature on your profile permanently. If you add a story to a Highlight, it will be visible even after 24 hours, so it’s a great way to keep your most successful stories running.

Can you add to Instagram highlights without adding to story?

You need to go to Instagram Settings > Story Controls > Hide story from. Deselect Everyone. That’s how you can add Stories to Highlights without anyone seeing them. As mentioned before, the time period for this trick is twenty-four hours.

What is a story highlight on Instagram?

Stories Highlights is a new part of your profile where you can express more of who you are through stories you’ve shared. And to help you build highlights, your stories will now automatically save into a private Stories Archive so you can easily relive them whenever you want.

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Can I change the order of my highlights?

Reorder Your Instagram Stories Highlights

In terms of reordering them, you can with this simple hack: Simply tap and hold the Instagram Stories Highlight you want to bring to the front of your Highlights list. Select “Edit Highlight” … Tap to add an Instagram story to your highlight, clicking done when you’re done!

What app do you use to highlight Instagram covers?

11 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS)

  • Canva: Graphic Design, Video, Invite & Logo Maker.
  • PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker.
  • Adobe Spark Post: Graphic design made easy.
  • Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram Story.
  • Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight.

How do I change my highlight on Instagram without posting 2020?

Here’s how to Update Instagram Story Highlight Covers (without posting them to your story):

  1. Click on one of your Instagram Highlights.
  2. Tap the three dots for More “… …
  3. Tap on “Edit Highlight” then “Edit Cover”.
  4. Slide to the LEFT, tap on the image icon, and upload your highlight from your library.