How do you get rainbow text on Instagram stories?

How do you get special text on Instagram stories?

4. Use different fonts

  1. Make sure your internet browser is open in a tab.
  2. Open the Instagram app, go to Stories.
  3. Select (but not upload) the photo to share.
  4. Go to your browser and open a website called
  5. Select the “Fancy Text” option and type your text. …
  6. Scroll down to select one.

How do you gradient text on Instagram stories?

Create Gradient-Coloured Text

To get started, open Instagram Stories and select the TYPE story option. Add some text. Next, highlight your text and then tap and hold down the colour slider. You’ll be presented with a host of colours to choose from.

What is the color code for Instagram?

Instagram New Logo (2016) Color Palette (Hex and RGB)

#8a3ab9 Instagram Purple Violet Hex: #8a3ab9 RGB: 138, 58, 185
#fccc63 Instagram Yellow Hex: #fccc63 RGB: 252, 204, 99
#fbad50 Instagram Orange Hex: #fbad50 RGB: 251, 173, 80
#cd486b Instagram Maroon Hex: #cd486b RGB: 205, 72, 107

How can I see someone’s story on Instagram without them knowing?

If you turn on Airplane mode and turn off your WiFi (on an iPhone, at least), you can then watch the person’s entire story without them knowing.

How do you make a text box transparent on Instagram?

How to get this font effect:

  1. Take a photo or choose a photo from your camera roll.
  2. Tap on the drawing/marker icon.
  3. Select the highlighter icon.
  4. Choose a color (either from the preset colors or from your image)
  5. Press and hold down on your image.
  6. You’ll now have a transparent overlay on your image.
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