How do I share a post from my timeline to my group?

How do I share from timeline to group?

Mobile Help

  1. At the bottom of the post on your timeline, tap Share.
  2. Tap Write a Post if you’d like to share the post to Workplace or a group. Tap Send in Workplace Chat if you’d like to share the post in a private message. …
  3. Choose the group, the individual or the app you’d like to send the post to.
  4. Tap Post or Send.

How do I share a post on Facebook Timeline to my group?

Facebook Help Team

  1. Click “Share” below your post.
  2. Click “Share…” in the dropdown menu.
  3. Select “Share in a group” and choose your group.
  4. Click “Post”

Can I share a Facebook post to a group?

to share to a group:

select Share. select Share to a Group. to you can add a description or caption for the post you’re sharing where it says “Say something about this…” then use the search bar to begin typing in the name of the group you wish to share to.

How do I share a post from my Facebook business page to a group?

First, make sure that you’re logged into your personal Facebook account. From there, navigate to the post on your page that you want to share. Click the “share” button. In the drop-down menu, select “in a group.” Then choose the group you’d like to share it with by typing the name of the group into the text field.

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How do I share a post to a group?

To share a post to a group:

  1. Click “Share” below your post.
  2. Click “Share…” in the dropdown menu.
  3. Select “Share in a group” and choose your group.
  4. Click “Post”

Why can’t I share a post to a group on Facebook?

As you can see in below image of facebook group post, share button is not appearing. So, the answer is your group is ‘Closed group’ or ‘Secret group’ as saved in your group settings. To get share button on every post you add, you need to change group settings to ‘Public group’.

How do I automatically share a post to another Facebook page?

How To Automate Facebook Posts Natively On Facebook

  1. Write your post in the “Create Post” box.
  2. Below your post, click the “Share Now” dropdown.
  3. Select the second option “Schedule”
  4. Select the date and time you want your post to publish.
  5. Select “Schedule”

Can you make a post shareable in a private group on Facebook?

If you’re in a private Facebook group, any posts you make within the group won’t be shareable outside of it. If you wish to make a post in your private Facebook Group that can be shared by others, do the following: Create the post on your own newsfeed / timeline and make sure that the post is sharable to the public.

How do I link my Facebook page to a group?

How do I become a group admin as my Facebook Page?

  1. Tap then tap Pages and select your Page.
  2. Tap the Groups tab below your Page’s cover photo, if it’s visible. …
  3. Tap Link your Group.
  4. Tap Link next to the group you want to link your Page to.
  5. Tap Link Group.
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How do you share a group link on Facebook?

If you’re a member of a group, then you can share a link with other members by clicking inside the “Write Post” box and typing or pasting in the URL. A link title, description and thumbnail image will appear by default, but you can hide these elements by clicking on the small cross icon to the right.