How do I market my law firm on Instagram?

Include staff photos, action photos, or industry-appropriate images. A family law firm might want to concentrate on photos of couples, while personal injury law offices would be more likely to feature images of accidents. Add images from awards, speaking events and charitable causes.

Can lawyers advertise on Instagram?

In short, the answer is a resounding yes. An estimated 71% of U.S. businesses are on Instagram. While it may seem unlikely to use Instagram for law firms, it’s a great way to reach new clients and show them who you are, especially for lawyers in certain specialties.

How do I get clients for my law firm?

How to find your first client as a Lawyer

  1. Get your contacts – If you are reading this article and you are currently in law school, start your contacts database right this very minute. …
  2. Email your contacts – Now that the easy part is over, send an email to all your contacts announcing that you’re open for business.

How do you effectively market a law firm?

10 steps for marketing your law firm

  1. Create a marketing budget. …
  2. Build a well-designed law firm website. …
  3. Ensure your site is search engine optimized. …
  4. Claim your free online profiles. …
  5. Make sure your law firm has a social media presence. …
  6. Manage your law firm’s online reviews effectively. …
  7. Try your hand at content marketing.
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Can lawyers have social media?

Lawyers must avoid social media comments or responses that could later indicate the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. … Lawyers may not have another person do anything through social media that they themselves are not permitted to do under the rules. (Rules 5.1, 5.3 and 8.4).

What do clients look for in a lawyer?

Most lawyers want to build a strong client relationship. … Clients understand intellectually that they need your help to resolve their legal problem, but what they actually want is comfort, reassurance, and connection.

How do corporate lawyers get clients?

Corporate lawyers typically get clients by networking, referrals, and publishing their law firm’s achievements. … event networking; referrals; digital marketing channels (i.e. newsletters, social media, content marketing) and advertisement.

How do you turn a law firm into a marketing plan?

Just as you would write down your law firm business plan, having a good structure for your law firm marketing plan is important.

Overall, a successful law firm marketing plan means three steps:

  1. Define your marketing goals.
  2. Write down how you plan to achieve those goals.
  3. Execute the plan.

What is legal strategy?

A legal strategy is an action plan that identifies those legal steps that need to be taken alongside your business plan to get you from point a to z.

How much do law firms spend on marketing?

How much do law firms budget for marketing? On average, law firms budget and invest between 2 – 10% of their firm’s revenue into marketing and advertising.