How do I get my 2 months free YouTube premium code?

How do I redeem my 2 months FREE YouTube code?

Sign into the Google Account you’d like to use to redeem your gift card. Visit the URL listed on your gift card or go to Enter the code on your gift card. Click Next.

How do I get 2 free months of YouTube premium?

To redeem both offers, T-Mobile users should visit the mobile site here. Android users can also access the rewards via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. According to T-Mobile, users should save the offer for YouTube Premium by April 21 and redeem it by May 1.

How do I get a free YouTube premium code?

The steps to redeeming your Youtube Premium Code are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and go to or
  2. Enter the code and click Next.
  3. Choose what you want to buy and then choose Google Pay as your payment option.
  4. Finally, click Buy to redeem your code.

Can you cancel YouTube Premium free trial?

If you cancel your membership during a free trial, your trial membership will no longer be automatically rolled over into a paid subscription at the end of the free trial. You’ll continue to have access until the end of the trial period.

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Is YouTube Premium worth getting?

Unless you have lots of interest in YouTube Originals, Premium isn’t worth it. And if you don’t use YouTube’s mobile apps often, you won’t appreciate all the Premium benefits. But if you want to get rid of YouTube ads and would use YouTube Music Premium regularly, then YouTube Premium is a good value.

How do I get my 3 months free YouTube Premium?

Although, players can create a new account to claim the 3 months for free. All they have to do is go to the Premium YouTube page and it will take the player to the sign-up page. Players will now be able to look up their favorite YouTube videos without having to worry about ads.

Is YouTube Premium free for a month?

YouTube Premium trials

To be eligible for a 1-month free trial: You must be signing up for YouTube Premium for the first time, or more than 6 months after canceling your previous membership. You must not have received a free trial within the last 12 months.

Why is YouTube Premium so expensive?

No Ads. The main selling point of YouTube Premium is that there are no ads. … These ad blockers also tend to cost money, and many of them come with the potential for viruses and other issues with your computer. Having no ads is a significant reason people will record television shows and watch them later on.

How can I get a free YouTube membership?

Get YouTube Premium membership free for 6 months – Here’s what you need to do

  1. Log on to Flipkart. …
  2. Select Flipkart Zone and go to the Claim Exclusive Reward section.
  3. Under the Exclusive Reward section, you will see YouTube Premium Reward which will cost you 150 Super Coins.
  4. Choose the offer and you will receive a voucher.
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How do I get a free YouTube subscription?

How to get free YouTube subscribers: 15 tips

  1. Ask your viewers to subscribe. …
  2. End your video by teasing what you’re working on next. …
  3. Verify your Google account. …
  4. Interact with your audience and build community. …
  5. Create effective channel branding. …
  6. Add a custom channel trailer. …
  7. Brand your thumbnails.

How do I activate my YouTube Premium coupon?

How to redeem Youtube premium code from Google Pay – FAQs

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the code.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select what you’d like to buy and then select Google Pay as the payment method.
  6. Click Buy to redeem your code.