How do I find my drafts on Facebook Desktop?

How do I find saved drafts on Facebook?

In the Facebook app, tap on “Write something here…” to create a new post.

  1. Type in something and tap on the “back” button.
  2. Tap on “Save as draft”.
  3. You will get a notification about your saved draft. …
  4. If you haven’t deleted the previous notifications of your saved drafts, you can access them directly from here.

How do I make a draft post on Facebook?

How do I create, edit or publish a draft of a post for my…

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Publishing Tools at the top.
  4. Click Drafts in the left column.
  5. Click + Create.
  6. Create your post.
  7. Click Save as Draft.

How do I get to my drafts on Facebook on my iPhone?

Open your Facebook Page. Then tap Activity at the top of your Facebook Page, you will see a screen like this. Tap Draft Posts to access, view and manage your saved draft, unpublished posts in your Facebook page. You can delete a draft post or publish it immediately from there.

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Where do I find my drafts?

You can learn how to get to your drafts on your Droid smartphone by following a few steps.

  1. Open the Gmail application on your Droid.
  2. Press the menu button, then tap “Go to labels.”
  3. Scroll down, then tap the “Drafts” label. Your Gmail drafts are displayed on this screen.
  4. Tap on a draft to continue typing your email.

How do I see unpublished posts on Facebook?

To see your unpublished posts, you can use a search bar in the Page Posts tool to navigate through your Ads Posts. This is particularly useful if you have a large volume of posts associated with ads. You can search by the text copy within the ad post using this search bar. You can also search by the Post ID number.

Can you save an event as a draft on Facebook?

Creating the Event

Then click “Publish.” You can also click and select “Save Draft” or “Schedule” to save a draft of your event or select a date and time in the future that you want your event to publish.

How do you create a draft?


  1. Navigate to the page you would like to work on.
  2. Click Edit and make the changes to your text.
  3. Click Save & Preview to save your draft.
  4. Edit your draft. …
  5. When your changes are finalized, hit Submit to make your draft the current version of the page.

Can you create a draft event on Facebook?

Once you’re happy, you can click “Create” to make your event, or save it as a draft to return to later. You can also see under “Event Host” that you can choose whether to host the event from your personal profile or from a Facebook business page.

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Where are Facebook publishing tools?

You can find the Publishing tools on the sidebar of your Facebook page. You will get to see a detailed dashboard listing your post and story metrics. You can schedule and create posts too.

How do I see my scheduled posts on Facebook?

Go to your group and tap in the top right. Tap Scheduled Posts. You’ll see a list of all posts you currently have scheduled in the group.

How do I recover an unfinished post on Facebook?

To retrieve the post you just deleted, navigate to More > Activity Log, and then tap Trash from the top menu. You’ll see any posts deleted within the past 30 days via Manage Activity. Tap a post you want to recover and then tap Restore. Select Restore to confirm.

Where are my saved drafts in Mail?

In Mailbox, look for a folder called Drafts, and then double-click the message that was saved in that folder. Outlook automatically saves all unfinished messages for you. By default, unfinished messages are saved to your Drafts folder every three minutes. You can, however, change this time.

Where are my saved email drafts?

A copy is placed in the ‘Drafts’ folder. If you exit the ‘Write’ window and do not choose to save when prompted then all copies are deleted from drafts and you will lose that partially composed email. Saving as a draft allows you to return to that saved draft email, click on ‘Edit’ and complete the email.

How do I find my Tik Tok drafts?

How to get to your drafts on TikTok

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Tap “Me” at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Next to your posted content you’ll see a rectangle with “Drafts: X” — “X” being the number of drafts in the folder — in the center. Tap on it. …
  4. From here, you can tap on the video you want to edit, post, or delete.
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