How can I see tweets without comments?

Enter the Twitter account into the “from account” field and make sure the “include retweet” check box at the bottom is unchecked. Search and then it returns all tweets from the account without any retweets included.

How can I see only tweets?

In the Search box that you see at your right on web or the one that appears when you click the magnifying glass at the bottom in you smartphone, type from:[username] (without the brackets, of course) and then Latest. That way you’ll see what the user you are looking for tweeted from the newest to the oldest tweet.

How can I see my tweets without replies?

The way it works is by clicking “all” above the Tweets timeline on the user’s profile page to see full conversations or by clicking “no replies” to see only original tweets.

How do I turn off comments on Twitter?

How to hide a reply

  1. From a reply to one of your Tweets, click or tap the icon.
  2. Select hide reply and confirm.
  3. To view your hidden replies, click or tap the hidden reply icon which will be available in the bottom-right of your original Tweet.

Why can’t I see my old tweets?

If you deleted a lot Tweets because you wanted a fresh start on Twitter, read about how to delete multiple Tweets. Tweets more than a week old may fail to display in timelines or search because of indexing capacity restrictions. Old Tweets are never lost, but cannot always be displayed.

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Why does Twitter not show all tweets?

1) The setting that controls caching for Custom Twitter Feeds is set too high. Go to the Settings page, Configure tab and look at the “Check for new posts every” setting. This time amount is how long the cache will last for the plugin. If it is set to a high interval, new Tweets will not show up for awhile.

Can you hide a reply on Twitter?

Step 1: Open Twitter on your phone. Step 2: Then from a reply to one of your Tweets, click or tap on the icon. Step 3: Now select hide reply and confirm.

Can you prevent comments on Twitter?

You can limit replies to your tweets on Twitter so that only those you follow, or only those you mention in the tweet, can respond. Before this new feature, users could only limit who could reply to their tweets by putting privacy settings on their entire account.

Why can’t I see who commented on my tweet?

Only your followers will be able to see your activities on Twitter if you have set your account Private. … In short, if that person has a Private Twitter account and has replied to any of your Tweets or other Tweets, then you will not be able to see their replies.

How do you comment on Twitter live?

To chat, tap on the Say something… prompt on the bottom of the screen, then type your comment and tap the arrow button to send it. To reply to another viewer’s comment in a live broadcast, tap on their comment, select Reply, type your reply, and tap the arrow button to send it.

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