Frequent question: Why can’t I scroll down on my Facebook page?

If you’re seeing a problem with how Facebook appears in your web browser, you could have a cache or temporary data issue. 1- You can try clearing your cache and temporary data. You can do this from your web browser’s settings or preferences. … 3- You can also try using a different web browser.

How do I scroll all the way down on Facebook?

And now for one last tip: You can use your keyboard to scroll up as well – just press Shift+Spacebar! Update: Facebook has now rolled this feature out to Groups as well. That means you can now also scroll up and down through any of the groups you’re in using the Spacebar and Shift+Spacebar respectively.

How do I scroll down my Facebook profile?

If you start scrolling down your Timeline or profile, a “Recent” drop down menu will appear at the top of your page. You can use that drop down menu to select which year you want to see. You can also use your Activity Log, which includes all your stories, organized by the date they happened on Facebook.

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Why is Facebook news feed so short?

Posts from Facebook pages are being de-prioritized so users have more interactions with friends and family and see less content from businesses and brands. “Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content.”

What to do if you can’t scroll?

How to Fix a Mouse Wheel That’s Not Scrolling

  1. Reconnect the mouse. Before doing anything, make sure the issue isn’t a temporary one. …
  2. Replace the batteries. …
  3. Clean the mouse. …
  4. Check the touchpad. …
  5. Check mouse wheel settings. …
  6. Update mouse drivers. …
  7. Fix corrupt system files.

How do I scroll to the beginning of my Facebook page?

For starters, the crack reporters over at Business Insider figured out how to find your first-ever wall post. It’s simple, really — just go to your profile page timeline, click on the date you joined the ‘book, and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

How do I scroll back on my Facebook timeline?

Facebook Help Team

To view older posts on your Timeline, scroll down on your Timeline, then click “Recent” at the top and select the year you’d like to view. From there, you can click “All Posts” at the top of your Timeline and select a specific month.

How do I scroll down to the bottom of my newsfeed on Facebook?

To get to the Edit Your News Feed Settings dialog box, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your News Feed. This might take a few tries; Facebook has a tendency to simply add on more stories to the bottom of the page when you scroll down.
  2. Click Edit Options. This opens the Edit News Feed Settings pop-up box.
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Can you search someone’s Facebook posts?

Searching for Posts

  • Open Facebook’s search page as explained above.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the person whose post you’re looking for and hit Enter on your keyboard. …
  • Click Posts from the menu to the left.
  • Now the Posts category will expand, revealing additional search options:

Why is my Facebook page only showing a few posts?

1- You can try clearing your cache and temporary data. You can do this from your web browser’s settings or preferences. … 2- If this doesn’t solve your issue, it may be because you’re using third-party browser extensions. We recommend disabling these add-ons before accessing the site again.

How do I get my Facebook news feed back to normal?

Facebook Help Team

If any of your feeds are blank, close and reopen Facebook to refresh your News Feed or update the browser you’re using. If that doesn’t work, please use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let us know more about what you’re seeing.

Why is my Facebook not showing recent posts?

If your Facebook feed doesn’t appear to be showing the most recent posts, or if some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing, then the most likely explanation is that those posts in your feed may be shared from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page which has an age or location

Why won’t my computer let me scroll down?

The scroll on your laptop is controlled by the trackpad installed on the system. … Updating the driver to the trackpad will enable the scroll if it is not working at all. Once the driver is updated, your scroll should work again. You can access the driver through the Device Manager on your laptop.

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Why can’t I scroll up and down on my phone?

The #1 reason why you may experience the Android phone scrolling problem after upgrading or updating your device is because of corrupted system cache data. Normally, the system and app cache helps your device load apps and processes faster.

Why can’t I scroll down with my arrow keys?

To use the arrow keys to move between cells, you must turn SCROLL LOCK off. To do that, press the Scroll Lock key (labeled as ScrLk) on your keyboard. If your keyboard doesn’t include this key, you can turn off SCROLL LOCK by using the On-Screen Keyboard.