Does YouTube block comments with links?

Comments with links won’t be blocked if they’re posted by you, moderators, or approved users. Live chat messages with URLs are also blocked. Comments with hashtags and links can be reviewed and approved on your Comments page, under the “Held for review” tab for up to 60 days.

Does YouTube delete comments with links?

The only comments with links allowed from now on will be from you, moderators, and approved users. Messages from live chats with URLs will also be deleted. Comments with hashtags and links will be available on the Comments page under Held for review. They will be there for 60 days and then will be deleted.

Why is YouTube blocking my comments?

The video creator has blocked comments

The most common reason you can’t comment on a YouTube video is the video creator has turned off the comments feature for one or more of their videos. If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam.

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Can YouTube channels block your comments?

You can block YouTube channels to prevent users from commenting on your videos or channel. Blocked YouTube channels can still watch your videos, but all their previous comments will be hidden. YouTube channels you block won’t be told that they’ve been blocked.

Why are my YouTube comments marked as spam?

YouTube detects spam based on the text of a comment, or by the behavior from a particular commenter. For instance, repeatedly posting comments can be detected as spam. Uploaders have more control over comments made on their videos. … The uploader can also “unmark” a comment as spam.

How do I know I’m blocked on YouTube?

Visit any YouTube video of a user you believe has blocked you. If you don’t have the option to make a comment—but see that others have made them before you—you’ve been blocked.

How long does comment block last on YouTube?

What happens when you block someone? All previous comments on your videos from that channel should be hidden within 48 hours.

How do I get around YouTube block comments?

Toggle over to the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the “Comments and ratings” section. 7. Untick the “Allow comments” box to completely disable comments for that video.

Why are comments turned off on YouTube 2021?

why are they turned off? Thanks for the follow up – auto-generated music videos, or art tracks, only have still images, and their comments can’t be moderated. That’s why we’ve decided to disable this type of engagement on these contents. Hope this helps clarify.

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What happens if you mute someone on YouTube?

A muted user can still see posts that you make and post comments on them as well. … A blocked user’s or page’s contents are no longer displayed in your stream. They are removed from any circles they are listed in. They are removed from your extended circles as well.

Can I block words on YouTube?

Enter words or phrases you want to block.

Type the words you want to block in the box below “Blocked Words”. You can enter as many words or phrases as you want. Separate each word with a comma (,). Additionally, you can check the box that says “Block Links” below the list of blocked words.

How many times can I comment on YouTube?

The 500 comment reply limit dates back to when a Google+ account was required to comment on YouTube videos. 500 was the limit of replies on any Google+ conversation, which could occur on platforms other than YouTube.

Why are my comments being marked as spam?

The following commenting behavior can cause comments to be marked automatically as spam: Including a signature in multiple comments. For example, appending a name or website link to the end of multiple comments. We recommend entering that information at Edit Profile > Profile tab instead.

Can YouTube delete views?

As youtube said, views reflect on how many times a video has been watched. The main reason they delete ‘views’ are when it is perceived as a bot behavior and not an actual human initiated view.