Can’t connect to Facebook on CoD mobile?

How do I connect to Facebook mobile CoD?

From the game’s main screen, tap on the settings menu button that looks like a little gear. It will be sitting in the top right corner. Once inside the settings menu, look for the blue button in the top right corner marked “link.” This will take you into the Facebook link screen.

Why wont my CoD Mobile Connect?

If you’re having trouble connecting to a game, or you’re experiencing lag while playing, be sure to check your network connection. A strong Wi-Fi connection is recommended when playing Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’re having trouble with a Wi-Fi connection, try restarting the wireless router if you have access to it.

How do I fix CoD Mobile Link unsuccessful?

So how do I fix Call of Duty Mobile Facebook login problem?

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Clear your Facebook app cache.
  3. Open the Facebook app and login.
  4. Open Call of Duty Mobile and login to the game again.

How do I recover my CoD mobile Facebook account?

To recover a CoD Mobile account linked to Facebook, well… that means you’ve lost your Facebook credentials. So you’ll need to go to Facebook, type in your email address, select “forgot password” and follow the instructions until you get a link to change your password.

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Why cod is not working on WiFi?

Also, make sure that your phone’s software is running its latest version. Clear app cache. So far, an effective way to fix known Call of Duty Mobile issues is to clear its cache. To do this, go to your device’s Settings>Apps>Call of Duty Mobile>Storage>Clear cache.

How do I reset my COD Mobile account?

You need to go to the Settings app on your device. Then, go to App management and select Call of Duty: Mobile from the list. Go to the app’s storage options, and click on ‘Clear Data‘ and it will delete all your Call of Duty: Mobile data and your guest account.

Why is cod not working?

Try Changing The WiFi

Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider(ISP) might be the reason why COD Mobile isn’t working. Try connecting your device to another WiFi and see if the problem is resolved. If you don’t have another WiFi service, you can also try running the game on mobile data.

How do you fix the authorization error in Call of Duty Mobile?

How to fix Call of Duty Mobile Authorization error 5 1200

  1. Clear CoD: Mobile’s cache files. Clearing an app’s cache will make it feel as if you’ve just downloaded CoD: Mobile from the app store. …
  2. Try out a different internet connection. …
  3. Switch DNS addresses. …
  4. Use a VPN.

How do I unlink my Activision account from CoD mobile?

To unlink your Activision account follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Activision account.
  2. In the ACCOUNT LINKING section, find the account you wish to unlink and select UNLINK. …
  3. Check the confirmation box and select CONTINUE.
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