Can you temporarily unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram is giving users the option to Mute friends. This long-overdue feature means you can either permanently or temporarily Mute friends without the need to Unfollow them. … Since its inception, if you have wanted to stop seeing people’s posts on your Instagram you’ve had to Unfollow them.

Can you temporarily unfollow someone on Instagram?

Just tap on the menu button at the top right corner of a post from the offending user, and tap Mute. Their posts will no longer populate your feed, and they won’t be alerted that they’ve been muted. It also works with Stories, and you can mute from the menu there as well.

How do I stop someone seeing my Instagram posts without unfollowing them?

When the new feature goes live, you’ll be able to mute sans unfollow by tapping the three dots next to the account handle, selecting “Mute Posts,” and tapping “Mute.” From now on, you will no longer see the posts from that account on your feed.

How do you secretly unfollow someone on Instagram?

Muting someone is simple:

  1. See A Post From Someone You Want To Mute. Easy enough, right? …
  2. Select “Mute” The option will be third on the list, right under “Unfollow.”
  3. Confirm.
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How do you stop seeing someones posts on Instagram?

How do I mute or unmute someone’s Instagram story?

  1. At the top of feed, tap and hold the profile picture of the person whose story you’d like to mute.
  2. Select Mute, then tap Mute Story.

What is the difference between Block and restrict on Instagram?

When you block a person, neither of you can exchange direct messages. When you restrict a person, they can still send you a message. … As mentioned above, even if you see their message, they won’t be notified if you’ve read the message or are online.

How do I know if someone is looking at my Instagram?

To see who is watching your Instagram Story, go to your profile and select your own Story. While it plays, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This brings up a page showing who has viewed the videos and pictures in your Instagram story. The features don’t stop there.