Can you send a document on Instagram?

Can you send Word documents on Instagram?

Start typing in the message box at the bottom of the page, and tap Send when you have completed your message. Type a new message in the Message screen at the bottom of the page. Return to the Direct screen by tapping or clicking the Can we share documents on Instagram?

If your application creates photos and you’d like your users to share these photos using Instagram, you can use the Document Interaction API to open your photo in Instagram’s sharing flow. You must first save your file in PNG or JPEG (preferred) format and use the filename extension .

How do u send an attachment on Instagram?

How to send pictures on Instagram:

  1. Open your Cabinet → Direct → Direct Messenger.
  2. Click the Clip icon.
  3. Choose the picture you want to send. It will be sent out immediately.

Can I send a private message on Instagram?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone

Tap below the post you’d like to send. Select the person or group (up to 32 people) from the list below or tap Search to search for someone. Add an optional message at the bottom, then tap Send.

How do I share a PDF link?

Copy, paste, and send the PDF link

  1. In Drive, select your file.
  2. Click Share .
  3. Click Copy link and click Done.
  4. Send the modified PDF link. When you click the link, you (or anyone else) can download a PDF copy of your file.
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How do I link to a PDF?

Link to a file attachment

  1. Open a PDF that contains a PDF file attachment.
  2. Go to where you want to create a link. …
  3. Choose Tools > Edit PDF > Link > Add or Edit, and select the area for the link.
  4. In the Create Link dialog box, set the link appearance, select Go To A Page View, and then click Next.