Can you report a post on TikTok?

Report a video: Tap on the right-facing arrow on the video page under the heart and comment icons. Tap Report.

What happens if you report someone on TikTok?

If a video you posted gets reported by someone else, you don’t have to worry about your profile getting deleted. If the video does break the rules somehow, the TikTok support team will remove it, and you will get the full list of rules as a reminder.

How do you get someone’s video taken down on TikTok?

Hold your finger on the offending video. On the menu that pops up click the ‘report’ button. Select the most relevant option from the following menu. If you’re featured in a video and want it removed you should select ‘other‘ and provide TikTok with details on why you want the video taken down.

How long does it take for TikTok to respond to a report?

Usually, TikTok only takes 48 hours to review your video and informs you if it is taken down or made public. But sometimes it might take a little longer and you can wait for a week.

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How do I report a fake TikTok account?

To report a user:

  1. Go to the user’s profile.
  2. Tap … .
  3. Select Report and follow the instructions provided.

Can you find out who reported you on TikTok?

Reporting a video on TikTok is an entirely anonymous process, so the user you’re reporting will not know you are the person reporting their content.

Why is TikTok not working 2020?

If your TikTok app is not working, it’s presumably a problem from corrupted cache data. … The cache memory stores some data temporarily to make the app run faster and work efficiently. If your TikTok is behaving badly, clearing the cached data may help fix it.

Can I see my deleted Tiktoks?

If it is available, you can restore deleted videos from the Google Photos app. How to check your backup on Android phone: Open “Google Photos” app > at the top right of the screen, tap your account profile > choose “Photos settings” > make sure your Back up & sync is turned on.

How can I avoid being banned on TikTok?

The way to avoid getting banned from TikTok is simple: don’t violate its community guidelines. Sticking to the platform’s community guidelines keeps you clear from getting banned. Except of course there’s another “human moderation error”.

Who owns TikTok?

TikTok is owned by Beijing-based technology company ByteDance, founded by the Chinese billionnaire entrepreneur, Zhang Yiming. The 37-year-old was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2019, who described him as “the top entrepreneur in the world”.

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Does TikTok respond when you report a problem?

On TikTok, you can easily report a problem on the app. But due to the overwhelming number of reports, it will take a while for TikTok to respond to your report. If you don’t get a response to your report, you can try submitting the TikTok feedback form or contacting them via email instead.