Best answer: What is the most liked video on TikTok?

The most-liked video on the platform is a lip-syncing video by Bella Poarch with over 50 million likes using the song “Soph Aspin Send”, also known as “M to the B”, by Millie B. The user with the most videos in the top 25 is Khaby Lame with eight videos.

What is the most viewed TikTok 2020?

The most viewed TikTok of 2020 was Bella Poarch’s take on the M to the B trend which went viral on the app. Poarch’s video amassed a massive 547.1 million views and 44.7 million likes.

Does Justmaiko have the most liked video on TikTok?

Even with that in mind, it’s still a little surprising that the most liked video on TikTok as of June 2020 is the AhiChallenge video from @justmaiko. … As of this writing, the video has 25.3 million likes, beating out the second most liked video on TikTok, a video of someone spilling milk, by about 3 million likes.

Why is Charli D’Amelio famous?

Charli often says that she has no idea why she, of all people, was anointed with TikTok stardom. She downloaded the app in May 2019 at her friends’ urging. … As Charli’s follower count grew, her popularity acquired a reflexive quality; essentially, she became a meme for other TikTokers to react to.

Who is #1 TikTok?

Most-followed accounts

Rank Username Description
1 @charlidamelio Dancer and social media personality
2 @khaby.lame Social media personality
3 @addisonre Dancer and social media personality
4 @bellapoarch Social media personality
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