Best answer: What happened Safe YouTube?

Why is safe YouTube no longer available?

We periodically update our security standards to keep user information safe. That means we turn off our services on devices that can no longer keep up with those standards. If your TV has a web browser, it may be possible to continue to use YouTube through

Is safe YouTube fixed?

FYI: We have fixed the bookmarklet issue. We have just added the beta version of Safe YouTube search … The loop video feature has just been added. … There was a technical issue with some videos over the past a few days, we have solved it!

How long do safe YouTube links last?

1) Easy to use: Safe share is very user friendly. You copy and paste the YouTube link into the toolbar. Then, hit enter to create the safe link. 2) Links never expire: The website guarantees that your links will never expire.

What can you use instead of safe YouTube?

We have summed some of the best kid-safe YouTube alternatives that can come in handy for a safer environment.

  1. Nick Jr. This app is free and available for both Android and iOS users. …
  2. KiddZtube. This is another kid-safe YouTube alternative with a focus on education. …
  3. GoNoodle. …
  4. Jellies. …
  5. New Sky Kids.
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How do I make YouTube safe?

How do I turn on YouTube Safety Mode?

  1. On any video page in YouTube, scroll down to the page footer where you will see your current language, location, and safety mode settings [see below]
  2. You can change your Safety Mode settings by Clicking Off.
  3. Then choose the On radio button and click Save to enable this safety feature.

Why are my YouTube links not working?

Solution 4 – Reset app preferences

Open Settings > Apps. Tap on the 3-dot menu and choose Reset app preferences. After that, reboot your device and try opening YouTube links again.

What is safe YouTube net?

Safe Youtube

Take any link from YouTube and will generate a version sans distracting/offensive comments. It also removes the related videos sidebar which can be a threat in itself – a recent study found that on average, a child on Youtube is only three clicks away from inappropriate content.